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During her tenure as first lady of South Africa when her husband President FW de Klerk was in office from 1989 until 1994, Marike de Klerk accompanied her husband on numerous official visits worldwide. 

This period can be termed historically as the most eventful in the history of South Africa. 

For Pres. de Klerk’s inauguration Levin assisted her, as well as a few years later for Pres. Nelson Mandela’s inauguration. 

On many important international trips where Mr de Klerk met with world leaders, she turned to Levin for the all important task to take care of her image in representing South Africa. 

Amongst the many notable royals and heads of countries visited were:  HM the Queen, Mrs Margaret Thatcher, Queen Beatrix of Holland, the Spanish Royal Family, Pres. and Mrs George Bush, Emperor Hirohito of Japan to mention but a few. 

For every opening of the South African Parliament during this period, she turned to Levin to dress her.